Planning for Success

Programming is a crucial part of being successful in your fitness goals. My recommendation is to be prepared and set up well thought out plan before you go into your week or month. Simply flying by the seat of your pants won’t get you very far for very long because it won’t keep you focused and/or motivated.

Consider your goals and be realistic

When thinking about your goals try to stick with reality. Can you make it from one place to another in time? i.e. from morning yoga class to shower then to work without stressing yourself out? Each goal you have for the week or month should follow the S.M.A.R.T. philosophy. Is the goal Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely? Is it possible without stressing you out and rushing around or overtraining you? Is it going to contribute to your progress of your long-term goals?

Be mindful

Finding your why is helpful because your core reason for doing something is often much deeper than the outcome of your goal. Knowing the true reason for a goal will give you intrinsic motivation and help you stick to it your goals when the times get tough. Focus on the steps or small goals that build toward the bigger goals.

Remove the time barrier

Do a quick workout or class that may be more intense than you are used to

15, 20, or 30-minutes can get your body moving and activate muscle groups and your brain in the morning before tackling the day. I have added an intense and quick early morning class to start your week and “hump day” called Yoga Sweat Express. It’s a 30-minute class at 6:30am each Monday and Wednesday morning.

Commit to your goals

Register for the classes in advance for the week and create your “workout schedule”.

Discuss your goals with friends and co-workers, you never know if they have some useful knowledge or tips to help. You can even just simply make a post about your intentions to stick to your fitness goals on social media, providing some sense of accountability to your followers.

Allow time to rest, recover an relax in your weekly plan

If you are really training intensely, it is very important to induce rest and relaxation days into your plan. This allows your muscles to recover and gives you time to catch up on other tasks that you may need to focus on such as chores or family-time. It adds a sense of balance to an active lifestyle that we all can benefit from.

Rest and recovery enables us to take the time to slow down and admire what we have accomplished, then we resume our hard work the next day. Make sure you incorporate at least one rest day in your weekly workout schedule to avoid overtraining and burnout.

Put it on paper

Write down these goals even if just on a sticky note, notepaper or phone app. Jot down your class